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Our thoughts make the World


Our thoughts make the World
by candice kollar

There is a little sign in my closet that I look at when I’m getting dressed. It’s been up there for years so I don’t notice it every day. But from time to time, it catches my eye. Through ups and downs, it’s meaning has grown deeper for me. It reads, “Our thoughts make the World.”

Since the election, there is a wave of fear spreading though our communities like some kind of wildfire. Every day brings more bad news and, realistically, we know this is just the beginning. We are taking to the streets. There is talk of civil unrest, and survivalism. Our reality has changed. Our bubble burst. Understandably, we are in shock.

But what kind of reality can we create if we go about our days spreading fear? I don’t mean to imply there is nothing to be afraid of. But, fear is a weapon and there is a formidable danger in letting our fears run free. By doing so, we are playing into the hands of those who’s intent is to scare us (and divide us). With our thoughts, so go our words. When I complain about how awful our new reality is, or how afraid I am of what’s to come, I get a gut feeling I am giving my power away. I’ve realized that, through these small everyday acts, I can cripple not only myself, but others.

I’m working on being more conscious of where my thoughts are going and what comes out of my mouth. I know that, even if I choose not to talk about my fear, it’s not going away anytime soon. But I am noticing that, if I use my thoughts and words to manifest what I want to create in this world – love, community, a more sustainable world – I not only feel better, but I’m more focused and productive; I sleep better at night and wake up with more hope. Choosing our thoughts is a powerful tool for change.