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Conveniently located at 5th and Mission Street, we are in the former San Francisco Chronicle building, a short walk from the Powell Street BART station.

901 Mission Street, Ste 105, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Energizing efficiency brands.

Tap our market intelligence.

It's like getting a free head start.

We develop creative campaigns and programs that save energy, money and foster sustainable behavior. We serve clients who share our commitment to all things sustainable. Our deep expertise in green building technologies is unique in our field and gives our clients the reason they need to choose us.

Optimize your investment.

Take a whole-systems approach.

As in building science, fragmented one-off communication efforts are inefficient and wasteful. An integrated approach leverages the investment you make in each initiative. This translates directly into an increased awareness of your brand, a higher profile in your industry and among your most critical audiences.

Mind the gap.

What's not working?

Let’s identify your communication gaps and turn them into strengths. Too many fires to put out? We understand. We love problem-solving so bring us your challenges. As you will quickly learn, we are creative thinkers and would like nothing more than to see you realize your ambitious dreams.

Don't just survive. Thrive.

Design, armed with information, gets results.

When you are in the business of building companies, as we are, creative solutions are directly connected to business objectives. Our strategy experts know how to ask the right questions and craft a message that will resonate deeply with your preferred prospects, the ones who want your products or services and are willing to pay for them.


  • We will help your business grow by leveraging our knowledge built over 25 years in branding and marketing communications and over 10 years in green building.

Featured projects

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet

    Blue Planet's CEO, Brent Constantz, Ph.D., is leading the development of a game-changer product, a c...

    branding, conference promotions, print
  • Regenerative Network
    Regenerative Network

    Regenerative Network identifies leading green building product manufacturers and service providers (...

    branding, copywriting, web design
  • Perform Wall
    Perform Wall

    Perform Wall® was commercializing an insulated concrete form (ICF) comprised of cement, polystyrene...

    special projects
  • Sunovia Energy | Evolucia
    Sunovia Energy | Evolucia

    Sunovia, a Florida-based cleantech company now known as Evolucia®, develops and markets technologie...

    special projects
  • CalStar Products
    CalStar Products

    With only 15% of the embodied energy of conventional alternatives, CalStar’s revolutionary brick a...

    conference promotions, photography, video brand storytelling, web design
  • Carbon Cure
    Carbon Cure

    CarbonCure concrete products contain sequestered carbon dioxide in the form of limestone. By injecti...

    conference promotions, print
  • EnVectra

    EnVectra brought a progressive and eco-responsible approach to the handling and shipping of toxic wa...

    branding, identity design, print
  • Business for Social Responsibility
    Business for Social Responsibility

    Global conference brand design. Application across all media including print brochures, print and on...

    conference promotions, environmental graphics, print, web design
  • Z Point Partners
    Z Point Partners

    Z Point story.

    branding, identity design

    USGBC, Northern California Chapter Logotype, stationery system and interior signa...

    environmental graphics, identity design, print
  • SAgA Fuel Systems
    SAgA Fuel Systems

    SAgA Fuel Systems is developing the patented Sustainable Agricultural Additives (SAgA) renewable fue...

    branding, identity design
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
    Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

    More jobs are created through small business than by medium-sized or large corporations. Renaissance...

    branding, environmental graphics, identity design, print

Recent from the blog


  • Design Strategy
    Design Strategy connects creative work to business goals and market context. It’s a framework for getting things done that get results.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability is the lens through which we view business, and life. It’s science, and numbers, and about managing risk by thinking big. Though it has its own language, it’s more about action than words.
  • Special projects
    Yes, we do websites, print collateral, show promotions and more. And sometimes we are simply presented with a problem then team up with our client to do something that was not in the plan to accomplish a goal; to make waves.



  • I’ve hired Candice several times for design and marketing projects–and the results are predictably fantastic. My particular focus is on new commercializations of green building technologies and Candice has an intuitive understanding of the marketing opportunities for low energy materials, recycled materials and energy efficiency companies.

    Luke Pustejovsky, Cleantech/Green Building Technology Marketing/Biz Dev Exec
  • The high level of creativity brought to the process of designing our logo was remarkable. The expert design talent was matched only by the deep and wide level of professional execution demonstrated in every aspect of our project. It has been an unqualified pleasure to work with your firm. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in my circle of business associates.

    Tom Zizzo, CEO, Z Point Partners
  • I have worked with Candice on many projects related to the green building industry. She’s a LEED Accredited Professional and her green building knowledge and experience gives her a greater understanding of our audience and their issues than any other design professional I know. I trust that I can rely on her firm for creative solutions that reflect the sustainability goals driving our industry.

    Christi Graham, President + Founder, West Coast Green
  • “Candice Kollar is unique in her ability to combine her deep knowledge of branding and positioning with her equally deep understanding of the specialized needs of green building and clean tech businesses. I invited her to speak online to one of my clients’ professional groups in this market with outstanding results.

    Claude Whitmyer, Author, Founder, Future U
  • “Candice’s ideas clearly conveyed how a business can strategically position itself as the vendor of choice in an increasingly crowded green marketplace.

    Claude Whitmyer, Author, Founder, Future U