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Conveniently located at 5th and Mission Street, we are in the former San Francisco Chronicle building, a short walk from the Powell Street BART station.

901 Mission Street, Ste 105, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Energizing efficiency brands.

About us


We are business people. We are problem-solvers. We are creatives.

We are experienced. We are passionate and green to the core. As ambassadors of change, we are committed to your success.

Our company

Kollar Design | EcoCreative® is a communication consultancy comprised of a core team of seasoned market experts, brand strategists, designers, writers, and technical experts who are driven to create change through business. All of our team members are selected, first, for excellence and, second, because they share our commitment to effect positive change. In addition to a core team, we have a rich network of green building industry experts, independent media artists and graphic art vendors who complement our core competencies that we have developed over two decades of practice in San Francisco.

We are proud to have been recognized repeatedly in our industry for marketing effectiveness and excellence in design. Our work has been published in graphic art reference books and publications including multiple times in American Corporate Identity, The Big Book of Green Design, Design for the Greater Good and Print.


What sets us apart as a creative agency is that we are bona fide green building professionals with deep technical and market expertise. We have been immersed in this sector for over ten years explicitly so that we might better serve clients in the green building and cleantech space and accelerate the transformation of the built environment. We take pride in consistently delivering compelling creative solutions that result in positive outcomes for our clients, and the world.

Kollar Design was among the inaugural group of San Francisco Certified Green Businesses recognized when the program was kicked off concurrently with the hosting of World Environment Day in San Francisco in 2005. We consistently lead with sustainable best practices in our business operations, media arts production methodologies and our lives.


It has always been our policy to form custom teams of experts based on the requirements of individual projects and our client’s budget parameters. In today’s diverse and quickly evolving media arts environment this makes more sense than ever. This approach enables us to provide the highest level of expertise possible while keeping our pricing more affordable than were we to maintain a staff of this calibre.

Featured team

  • Candice Kollar, LEED APCandice Kollar, LEED AP

    Greenbuilding/Cleantech Market Expert, Design Strategist

  • James Kalin, LEED APJames Kalin, LEED AP

    Multimedia Innovator, Green building & Urban Ag Expert

  • Rochelle SeltzerRochelle Seltzer

    Design Strategist, Creativity Facilitator

  • Steve Price, LEED APSteve Price, LEED AP

    Conceptual Artist & Illustrator, New Urbanism Expert

How we work

  • 03DESIGN

Marketing communications is about managing your brand or product in the marketplace: you may need to establish a presence in the market; you may need to create relationships with stakeholders; you may need to gain marketshare; you may need to overcome competition. Perhaps it’s some combination of these, or some other goals entirely.

Our job is to help you achieve those goals. We work collaboratively with our clients and with each other to move through a well-honed process to achieve specific business outcomes.

Every project begins with Discovery. We listen, we observe, define decision-makers then, together, we define success. Before we get out of the gate, we distill our collective ideas on paper in the form of a design brief. Some people call this a communications strategy. Whatever you call it, it’s a vehicle to make sure all stakeholders are on board. As tempting as it might be to skip this step, we find it to be one of the most important. Input from the top that comes in later in the process tends to impact both timing and cost. Once we have agreed where we’re going, we create a road map that works with your timeline and resources. It is at this stage that we can usually identify a project’s key challenges and opportunities.

Next, we move into creative development and design. You can expect us to ask for your approval on both copywriting and design before proceeding with production. When the time comes, we move through the final approval stages. This where you get the payoff for the hard work at the beginning for when stakeholders have given their input at the outset, the approvals tend to be go quickly and typically are done in two rounds. Once the dust settles, we like to look back and see what we learned. We do appreciate it when you tell us what we could do better.

We believe you will find our extensive project management experience and familiarity with best practices in our industry a considerable value-add. If you’d like to know more about how we work, we’re here to address your questions. But first, we’d like to thank you for your consideration.