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Raising the floor while pushing the boundaries–We need both


Raising the floor while pushing the boundaries–We need both
by candice kollar

Unlike LEED, BREEAM and other voluntary green building rating systems, codes hold the potential to bring green building into everyone’s everyday practice. That’s huge. So, while some are doing the essential work of pushing the sexier boundaries of green building with Zero Net Energy and Living Building Challenge buildings, others who are looking to create mega impact are dedicating themselves to changing regulations. When codes change, it amounts to a sea change. It’s what we need. But, in order for the industry’s work force to get up to speed and keep pace with the avalanche of change that is surely coming down the pipe [while simultaneously getting the work done], we also need of breakthroughs in communication and education.

James Kalin, Candice Kollar and Steve Price presented ideas on innovative new media tools and strategies for green building communications at the Greenbuild 2012 Codes Pre-Conference session under the guise of the Codes Communication Collaborative. Since then, we’ve been flushing out our concepts and shopping around for the right state or municipal agency-partner. Stay tuned for fresh new thinking – and acting – on this front, coming soon.