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Businesses call on Obama to implement Climate Action Plan


Businesses call on Obama to implement Climate Action Plan
by candice kollar

On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, major U.S. companies have united to petition the President to implement the Climate Action Plan announced on June 25.

“By working together, the private and public sectors can improve climate preparedness while building a stronger economy and more resilient communities. We stand with you in strengthening these efforts in the US and abroad.”

With every super-storm there is a huge hit to the economy. The business community realizes that anything less than the fast-track could spell economic demise. Business are making their voice heard with a strong call for action. Today’s letter to Obama cites both the more obvious opportunity as well as the economic vulnerability that is a real threat without a resilient infrastucture in place.

Letter to Obama:

The Climate Declaration

Sustainable Industries cited a surge of more than 700 large and small businesses and thousands of individuals have signed the Climate Declaration, a campaign that focuses on the economic opportunity organized by Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy [BICEP], a project of CERES, as of October 24. As the campaign got traction, CBS began airing a 15-second spot featuring the Climate Declaration on their Jumbotron in Times Square.

Sign the petition here:

See the 15-second spot airing in Times Square here:

Image credit: Ceres